Thursday, July 18, 2013

Disney Crazy!

I love Disney!  That may be a bit of an understatement.  I am attracted to everything Disney like a moth to light.  This has, of course, spilled over into my scrapbooking.  I can hardly go into a store without buying something for my Disney scrapbooks.  I have collected more than I could ever use.  So I guess it's about time that I put some of the pages on the blog.

The first one I wanted to show was my page from Animation Academy at Hollywood Studios.  I like this one because I made it without any Disney paper (yes I know - I had plenty to choose from) and no actual photos of my family at the Academy.  I took the drawings that everyone in the family drew at the Academy, copied and shrunk them.  
  They became the focal point of the page.  The titles and dog bones were created using the Cricut cartridge "Mickey and Friends".

The next Disney pages also do not use Disney paper.  They are from Animal Kingdom.  For these I wanted the jungle feel but I still wanted everyone to know it was a Disney page.  Bo Bunny's Zoology was perfect for these pages.  Again, I had no photos of my children (at 17, 17 and 21 they had had enough of us taking their pictures), so the animals are the stars of the pages.  I created the Mickey's from the same Cricut cartridge, but used the jungle color scheme.

The little Mickey in the right hand corner is made exactly like any other Cricut Mickey.  I just changed his shoe layer to the gold of the page instead of yellow, and changed his pants from the typical red to a piece of the neutral paper with the leaves at the bottom of the same page.  Then I chalked the pants with a forest green so that they would blend with the page.  The effect made him look like he was on the safari!  

Happy Scrapping!

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