Thursday, April 4, 2013

Subway Art with Cricut Word Collage

I really wanted to broaden my experiences this year and try some new projects off the page.  So when I saw some subway art in a magazine I couldn't resist.  I bought some small (6 x 6) canvas to start with. I Glimmer Misted the the canvas with wheat color first. The Cricut "Word Collage" gave me ready made stencils that I love!    I tried the coffee collage for my test canvas.  I made the stencil out of cardstock, and used a temporary bond spray adhesive.  Directions that have seen elsewhere say too use the vinyl, but I didn't have any.  I have used stencils cut out of cardstock before.  Unfortunately I don't think I had enough glue on the stencil, so it didn't stick to the canvas and some of the letters blurred.
 To finish it off I chalked the edges with a few shades of light brown chalking ink.  Now I just nee to decide where to hang it!

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