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Halloween Happenings


Inside Hogwarts

Driving to Florida to visit Disney World and Universal was the highlight of our 2011 summer.   The Wizarding World of Harry Potter had just opened that spring and so of course the kids couldn't wait to go there.  After a 90 minute wait we were in!.  But they had told us to put everything into lockers at the beginning so that we wouldn't lose anything on the ride.  That meant I had no camera!  So after we toured the castle, my daughter Jenny and I got back on line (yes another 90 minutes) so that I could take pictures. (I kept my camera strapped to me during the ride this time).  Now I had so many photos of inside Hogwarts I couldn't decide which ones to use.  A little booklet on my scrapbook page solved that problem .

I don’t how many of you are like me, but there are times that I feel like I collect scrapbook supplies rather than actually scrapbook.  I have more stock than I can use.  The problem with that is that some things I loved 4 or 5 years ago aren't items that …